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September 17th - 19th


The Entire Deep Blue Series 

Deep Blue Impact , Book 1

   Aubrey Jackson ran, and ran far after a horrible tragedy that happened in Texas as a teenager. Moving to London to attend school, she returns to the states after her father dies. Taking over his company, she's committed to succeeding. She isn't interested in a relationship, wanting to settle into her new life before even dating. But Ian Bradson saw her, and he had to have her.

    Unable to control the chemistry between them, Aubrey gives in to the one thing she swore not to do. Their chemistry keeps them coming back to each other, and Ian is on cloud nine. When Aubrey's past is thrown at them in the most unexpected way. Aubrey shuts down, and Ian is afraid he will lose her. And that is simply not an option.


Deep Blue Hold, Book 2

    Ian Bradson fell and fell hard for Aubrey Jackson. He knows he will do anything to protect her and keep her in his life. Finding out there is something from her past that is driving her into the comfort of another man is something he cannot have. He will do everything in his power to keep her.

    She's scared to tell him her secret, but when she does, he knows that he will do whatever it takes to keep her secret safe. Aubrey Jackson can't believe after all this time that the one thing that changed her life forever is back to haunt her. Not only that but it's worse than she thought. Her best friend and ex-boyfriend, pro football player Rex Olsen, is the only one who knew about it. Now she finds out there is a tape of the whole thing. 

    If Rex knew about the tape it will kill her, and if Ian finds out the truth will he still want her?


Deep Blue Forever, Book 3

    When Aubrey finds out that the love of her life has been lying to her she runs. Broken hearted she turns to her friend Rex for support. Finding out all was not what it seems, she soon realizes her life is in danger.

    Ian has to get Aubrey back, it's not an option. Not only can he not live without her she is in danger. Knowing that no one can protect her like he can he is desperate to get to her. They start to experience life changes neither of them expected.

    Can their love keep them together with so many things trying to tear them apart.


Bonus Short Story, Rex Olsen's happy ever after. AKA, Sexy Rexy.


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