We are excited to be organizing an amazing three-day SALE BLITZ for Sheila Kell's HIS Desire (An H.I.S novel). The ebook will be on sale for just $0.99 over the three-day blitz, with the paperback being reduced to $8.99. 


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Sheila Kell

Three-Day Sale Blitz

December 13th - 15th


Title:     HIS: Desire

Series:  HIS Book One

Author: Sheila Kell

Genre:  Romantic Suspense


HIS Desire (An H.I.S. novel) is a romantic suspense, stand-alone novel in the H.I.S. series .


Can Jesse Hamilton, the head of H.I.S., protect his client when his past and his heart have put them both in jeopardy?



When FBI Special Agent Kate Ross is injured in a drive-by shooting, Hamilton Investigation and Security, Inc. (H.I.S.) leader Jesse Hamilton, believing she is the target of a killer seeking revenge against him, pulls the full force of H.I.S. into action to protect her.


Kate doesn’t believe Jesse, the only man to make her seethe one minute and lust after him the next, when he approaches her with a note from the Facilitator stating someone he loved would die shortly, and he knows in his gut it’s Kate. After a second attempt on her life, she can no longer fight his protection or her attraction to him.


After making a mistake that cost his wife her life, Jesse vowed to never love again, but Kate stirs something in him that puts his protective instincts into overdrive. Keeping her alive and out of his heart is more difficult than he expected. Then he makes a decision that could cost Kate her life. Is history due to repeat itself?



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