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About us

In the crazy, competitive world of promotion, we recognize how truly daunting promotion can be, in addition to being absolutely invaluable. This is where Hot Tree Promotions, co-founded by Donna, admin, proofreader, and marketing extraordinaire, and Becky, publishing, editing, and blogging guru, step in. Firmly established in the book community, Donna and Becky are ready to take on your promotional needs.


The duo is passionate about supporting authors, designers, publishers, formatters, and editors. Their mission on their Hot Tree Promotions journey is to ease open the barriers that prevent individuals and companies in the industry, from getting their name out there via social networking.


Together, they strive to support authors, designers, publishers, editors, formatters, and other book-related industries with their promotional needs. This may involve epic tours, dazzling blitzes, or a fun party. Whatever your promotional needs, Donna and Becky are well-equipped to support you with your journey.

Hot Tree Promotions is a subsidiary to Hot Tree Publishing Pty Ltd.


Contact Becky and Donna via email:



I’ll definitely use Hot Tree Promotions again in the future. The staff members were friendly, efficient, and helpful in every way. Timely communication and useful suggestions place Hot Tree Promotions at the top of my ‘who to contact’ list for new releases. - Natalie Acres


Hot Tree Promotions organized my book release tour. They did an outstanding job and were very professional.  I got more sales than my previous tour with another company.  We also did a rafflecopter and the new followers I received have was mind-blowing.  These ladies are hardworking and make sure that all the bloggers who signed up, actually post what they signed up for.  The reviews I received have helped my book sales.  Thank you, Hot Tree Promotions for a professional job well done. - T R Lykins


Hot Tree Promotions were a delight to work with. They were efficient and understanding. I received excellent responses from bloggers who were interested in being a part of my tour and a strong boost to my social network channels. I will be returning in the future! - M.J. Stevens


The girls at Hot Tree Promotions are wonderful. Not only fun, but they are knowledgeable, professional, and take your promotions seriously. They have your best interest at heart and are committed to making your promotion a success.   Very easy to work with and accommodating.  Hot Tree Promotions will be the only company I will ever use again. Thanks, girls, it was a pleasure working with you. - Amie Nichols



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