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A promotions team is nothing without its hosts and affiliates.
We have two options for bloggers:
1. Our autolist (you never have to fill in another form again!)
2. Our regular host list (sign-up to which events you'd like to support)


You spoke and we listened. 

To avoid the tedious process of filling out seemingly endless tour sign-up forms, Hot Tree Promotions now have an automatic sign-up list ( 

By filling out this one form, you will automatically be sent a tour packet and date to post for all of our future tours and blitzes. Easy peasy, right? But what happens if you go on vacation or something comes up? Not a problem. Just send us a quick email letting us know and we'll update our schedule so we're not running around trying to chase down a post that doesn't exist :)

You will still receive all of our tour and blitz invites so you'll know what's coming up, but you'll no longer need to fill any of them out. If you see an invite with a review option and would like to request an ARC, just email us and let us know.

Fabulous bloggers, to become a Tour Host for Hot Tree Promotions, please fill out this lovely form Completing this form does not commit you to tours, rather it lets us know you are happy to be contacted to host our talented clients. 

Thank you. We appreciate your support.

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