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There's an effective way to boost sales of your book(s) on both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Blasts

Romance Facebook Ad Blasts is an affordable marketing tool to help boost sales for books at a reduced price or free. By purchasing an Ad Blast, our aim is to drive sales by creating and delivering adverts to audiences of hard-core readers in the romance genre.

The specifics:  


  • Hot Tree Promotions runs every element of your Facebook campaign.

  • We do all of the hard work for you by providing promo images and persuasive copy.

  • Ad Blasts are targeted specifically to romance readers. With 1.84 billion active users, we narrow it down while ensuring your campaign is seen by the right audience.

  • Specifically intended to coincide with KU timing, campaigns run over 3-5 days. 

  • Your book must have a 4-star rating or higher on Amazon, with 20+ reviews.

  • Your book must adhere to Facebook's content policy and guidelines.

  • Your book must be


A Romance Ad Blast costs $100. A minimum of 60% of the total cost goes directly toward the campaign's ad spend.



Click the link, select a start date for your ads (1 week's notice needed), enter your details information, and we'll be in touch.

Direct form link: 

As a business-to-business provider, Hot Tree Promotions' prices do not include goods and services tax (10% GST). Taxes will appear as a separate line item in the checkout.

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