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Two options are available for this service. 

  1. 7 consecutive days, with posts in five groups each day. 

  2. 30 consecutive days, posting twice a day.

Direct form link:

Do you want your book visible to potentially thousands of readers? Book your social media share campaign today.

The specifics:  


  • We work with a list of more than 75 promo groups, including genre-specific, Kindle Unlimited, and general fiction groups.

  • Multiple accounts can be used for postings and at a variety of times of the day.


  • Hot Tree Promotions is happy to promote both all titles, regardless of when they were published.


  • All social media promotions will include at least one post to the Hot tree Promotions social media feeds


  • As with all promotions, there are unfortunately no guarantees when it comes to success rates. We commit to sharing and spreading the word, but we cannot promise a specific number of sales or page reads.

As a business-to-business provider, Hot Tree Promotions' prices do not include goods and services tax (10% GST). Taxes will appear as a separate line item in the checkout.

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